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xetux sistema para restaurantes

Technology services platform to boost your growth and control your direct Food & Beverage costs.

Punto de venta para restaurantes


X-Paas Evolution

+ Inventory Management

Core solution that connects in a single platform the point of sale with the most robust Food and Beverage inventory system in the market.

Order taking with Android smart devices.
In-line printing in production areas.
Real-time recipe inventory discounting.
Possibility of managing different consumption centers and sales channels.
Integrated electronic invoicing.
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X- Next

Solution used as a promotional strategy for your business, rewarding your customers.

Drive product sales.
Reward new customers and encourage them to visit your business again.
Personalized or multiple coupon redemptions.
Ideal for corporate agreements and to digitize the consumption of employees or partners of your business.
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Sistema de lealtad para restaurantes
Sistema de autoservicio para restaurantes


X- Self-service

All-in-one self-service kiosk, designed for self-service.

Promotes the new sales channel for branches.
Fully integrated with point-of-sale software for order printing and inventory discounting.
Statistics and analytics of the entire consumption center.
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(Business Intelligence)

Receive all the daily metrics of your business and make better decisions, with relevant and high impact indicators for your analysis:

Cost of sale at the moment.
Average ticket, sales per shift.
Popularity of food and beverage products.
Discounts, fraud alerts and much more.
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Indicadores para restaurantes
Monitores para cocina



(KitchenGO Premium)

New era of "smart dining rooms" as the next generation of kitchen monitor systems.

Save unnecessary paper costs.
Prioritize orders by status, destinations and number of items included.
Displays the general summary of all pending orders.
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X- Smart Mobile

Created for sales and collection, it is the perfect solution that adapts to the demands of your operation.

Process card payments integrated to our android services platform.
Accepts all types of cards.
Voucher with the possibility of sending it to the customer's e-mail address.
Automatic reconciliation between point-of-sale receipts and transactions charged by credit or debit card.
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post para restaurantes
Pedidos en línea para restaurantes



Boost a new digital channel for your restaurant, allowing your diners to place orders online, with the possibility to pay on the same platform.

Ideal for promoting Pick-Up.
Direct integration to the point of sale for printing in the production and inventory discount areas.
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X- One

(Central Server)

Manage your catalog centrally in the cloud, ensuring standardization and control of your recipes, raw materials, purchase presentations, suppliers, promotions and discounts.

100% web-based platform, available in Cloud environment.
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Sistema en la nube para restaurantes
Automatización de suministros para restaurantes




Better known as a WMS (Warehouse management system), it will allow you to automate your supply chain, connecting your branches with your distribution and production center on a single platform.

GS1 standard for bar code implementation, from raw material products to semi-finished and finished products.
Production module based on branch order consolidation.
Automatic reconciliation and invoicing from the Production Center to the branches.
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X- Digital Menu

Thanks to this powerful tool you will offer a high satisfaction in your diners' experience.

Real-time price synchronization.
Updating data at the pace demanded by the market.
Allow you to instantly change menu content in real time.
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Menú digital para restaurantes

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