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No, with Xetux you can use as many devices as you need without any additional cost.

Yes, with Xetux you can integrate the main market place applications such as Rappi, Didi, Uber, etc.

Don't worry, Xetux works with a hybrid technology, which will allow you to operate 100% of your point of sale without any limitation even without internet, however to stay connected from a distance and monitor your sales, indicators, as well as make use of the administrative portal if it is required to have internet connection.

By contracting Xetux, you already have at your disposal the complete management of the inventory module, with which you can control your restaurant, in the process of purchasing from suppliers, cost of recipes in real time, inventory discount, and analysis of the real and theoretical cost.

Xetux, is ideally designed for the Food and Beverage industry, for concepts: Casual, Cafeterias, Pizzerias, full service restaurants, multi-branch and also for stores with Retail type items that sell by bar code.

Xetux will keep you connected at all times with your operation, from as simple as consulting in an app in real time all your sales and indicators, as well as accessing the Web portal and extracting all types of reports: Sales, Operations, Purchases and inventories.

One of the most important benefits of the platform is that it allows to standardize in the cloud the entire catalog of recipes, sku, prices, suppliers, in order to centralize the information from multiple branches.


Yes, with Xetux you can hire, at no additional cost, the service of banking terminals that will allow you to charge your diners in seconds, processing the payment and at the same time the account mate at the point of sale, guaranteeing secure, reliable and fast transactions.

Commission rates are assigned under previous rate quotation, where the merchant must provide us with a checklist in order to determine their final rate for Debit, Credit, Amex and other cards.

Yes, it accepts domestic, foreign, AMEX, including vouchers.

Within 24 hours they are deposited to the account provided.


Any Android device, preferably Samsung tablet superior to Android 7, or Android rugged (All in One) devices with previous request of price and availability to our sales department.

Any printer with 80mm thermal mechanism and Ethernet type (network) or Wi-Fi (under previous review of our technician).